it portrays the cycle of the queer love. Good picture and moving touching dialogues.

Are You Proud?

Well done! Accurate approach of the LGBT movement from British perspective with the pave we all have gained and with the challenges to face.


A great catch in this platform. It portrays the homophopia of the culture, and the internalised homophopia of the characters. A sad romance between to gay men in closet in macho culture. Scene when he cries after his lover tried to broke up and scene when his daugther accepted his homosexuality are my highlights!


Very interesting screenplaying endeavour. Homoerotism mixed with Islam principles.

Artykuł osiemnasty

Hi guys! is this film available with English subtitles? I'm afraid they are just included in the trailer but not in the whole film. Thank you


Wow astonished


Bad movie

Pieśń słonia

Piece of art.

Body Electric

A great documentary about Brazil maquilas low-class environment mixed with the popular gay culture. A diverse and tolerant plot to tell the world that spite of poorness there is hope and freedom.